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governor john sin is i sin it's unu calling mitt romney lazy. >> mitt romney surrogate during the campaign. sun unu for a long time. you don't think he is a racist, do you. >> no. i didn't call him a racist. >> you said that wording sends the code. >> it does. >> bill: you just said in his opinion he was lazy on an issue. it wouldn't matter if he was white, purple or green. >> he said he was lazy after the first debate and he said it a couple of times. >> bill: so what? >> let me finish i will tell you so what. it so shocked the person who was interviewing him he said do you really want to use that word snowing. john said other things that were troubling. he said the president wasn't a real american. what does that suppose to mean to somebody. what does it mean he is not a real american? >> bill: it was in the heat of the campaign. i'm not defending is you -- sununu choice of words. i'm saying you know him i know him. is he not a racist. why even bring it -- just say he was foolish to put it that way. >> let me tell you why. i would never call john a racist. and he used some very poorly ch
. instead is he going to be secretary of defense. >> by that measure, john mccain should have been president in 2008 up against a guy who had no experience in executive branch and experience in the military. >> -- and no experience in the military. >> i have the highest regard for john mccain. is he a friend of mine. i actually went and visited where he was held in captivity with com sam johnson. he is an amazing man and i like him a lot. this is whether hagel is going to be secretary of defense. based on who he is and his service to the country. i never voted against israel in his 12 years in the senate. i think he is somebody who wants peace, he he is strong. he will keep us out of wars. i think that we need somebody in that position. >> here is what bill kristol wroited today, chuck hagel isn't a first rate candidate for secretary of defense. he isn't even a second rate candidate. has there ever been a more embarrassing confirmation hearing than hagel for a measure cabinet position. for a minor cabinet position or subcabinet position. we don't know of one. congressman, i understand the wh
and i'm going to drive the train and then john mccain is saying -- >> -- john mccain is no liberal. >> bill: no, but he is doing it for political reasons, juan. i don't know if he is doing it for the good much the country. >> wait a minute. hold on. stop this train. don't forget that this was blocked under president bush, president bush a republican. >> president obama voted for a the poison pill. >> just a second. it was blocked by the far right. >> and the far left and unions and barack obama. >> absolutely demonized every immigrant as some kind of threat to america. >> the attack came from both flanks. and the attack also come from both flanks again. >> bill: let me be the source of light here instead of heat for once. it's a different time then, juan. we had very big border security problems then. and now the border security is a lot better. so the debate in the story can progress. i think we need immigration reform. but i do think that they have to deal with the welfare situation. because if you are going to add another 6 million people, and, believe me, when welfare gets -- w
the train. >> all right. >> here is what -- . >> there is no john mccain is no liberal. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. stop this train. don't forget this was blocked under president bush, a republican this is blocked by a vote, by the far right. >> and far left. >> demonize every immigrant as some kind of threat to america. >> attacks came from both lines and will come from both again. >> bill: let me the source of light herein stead of heat for once. we had very big border security problems now, border security better so the debate in the story can progress. i think we need immigration reform. but i do think that they have to deal with the welfare situation because if you're going to add another six million people, when welfare gets -- when immigration reform gets pass that had means people in other countries are going to be able to come here, you're going to have a flood of new immigrants into the united states. not just 12 million here but probably another 12-50 that will join them. you've got to deal with this problem. i don't think either party will do it. >> i think your conserva
with the john edwards story. of course one publication, the national enquirer was covering it, and pretty much every stayed away from it, and poo pooed it, and a significant time later, the national inquirer was right and they had done good reporting. i don't know the background of the reporting on the daily caller, but there's significant reporting on multiple women who have specifics on dates, times, and places, and what was paid and what he liked and didn't like, and maybe it was all fabricate and i certainly hope for him and for the country, that's not true >> bill: all right, the problem with the women is, that they are in the dominican republic. they are in a shadowy industry, and these are not law-abiding citizens coming forth, as you know. a lot of money changes hands in these things, and you can bribe criminals to say anything. >> secret service gambled with women too who were supposedly untrustworthy and turns out they were telling the truth. >> bill: but here's the bigger picture. there are certain countries in the world that specialize in this kind of thing. island of hispaniola, w
president obama, for example, a strong advantage in the national debate. not since john kennedy has the president received such soft coverage by the national press. and now they're even admitting it. >> the presence of obama even on the press corps. even on the people start behaving in ways juvenile and am murrish. >> of course you don't. >> i do. totally. >> oh man, indeed. it is widely believed that hillary clinton will run for president after mr. obama leaves office in 2016. it is also believed in conservative circles that mrs. clinton will receive very favorable press coverage. this week, she testified in front of congress about the massive screwup in libya that led to the assassination of ambassador christopher stephens and three other americans. now, you would think complete coverage of the testimony would have been tough. you would think. >> after four years in office. roughly a million miles flown. 100 nations visited. in the past few weeks alone she has fought illness and injury including hospitalization. she leaves her post as the most admired woman in the world and the ga
and also failed to attend on the floor john kerry's good by speech not only a matter of sentiment but senator menendez is scheduled to become the next chairman of the foreign relations committee succeeding senator kerry. >> bill: there is something going on there that he doesn't want to be around to answer any questions about. i think that's true. cammeron, go into the immigration. one minute for you, cammeron and rosen beck in one minute. immigration debate. president obama didn't really say much specifically yesterday in las vegas. how is this going to shake down? >> well, did he put himself out in front of it not everybody was entirely thrilled about that some within his own party. the hispanic caucus wanted him sort of to stay on the sidelines. not be not involved. but the idea of inserting himself they worry could ultimately polarize and lead to more gridlock. mr. obama ignored this issue at his first term and some say now he really wants to make it part of his legacy and get serious and get real reforms. there is also worry that this could become ongoing fight and it becomes
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)

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